Enjoy Rum Jungle with us

Rum Hot Chocolate

What we are drinking right now….

Huddle round the fire with friends or just a good book this winter and reach for a tummy-warming cup of Rum Jungle Rum Hot Chocolate.  To serve six, bring 1 litre of whole milk, 120ml of double cream and 60ml of Rum Jungle Rum (plus a few extra dashes for luck) to a simmer over a moderate heat. Remove from heat and add 250g of coarsely chopped bittersweet chocolate – we love Green & Blacks. Let stand to melt then whisk and pour into warmed mugs. Garnish with a cinnamon stick and enjoy!

Jungle Espresso

Jungle Espresso web Jungle Espresso

Our delicious new cocktail guarantees to keep the party going all night… fill your cocktail shaker with ice, fresh from the freezer, a short but very strong espresso (Nespresso’s purple Arpeggio are perfect), a double shot of RUM JUNGLE, a shot of Kahlua and a shot of Creme de Cacao. Shake away and pour (minus the ice) into a martini glass, using a sieve will help to get the frothy top. Add a few coffee beans and enjoy.

Jungle Mac

Jungle Mac

Jungle Mac


Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

We don’t know anyone who wouldn’t be happy with a bottle of RUM JUNGLE in their stocking this Christmas. Perfect gift for that hard to buy for man in your life.

Shrove Tuesday for Grown Ups

Shrove Tuesday for Grown Ups…

Melt some butter in a heavy based frying pan, add 4 bananas cut lengthways and cook on a gentle heat for 20 minutes until they soften. Sprinkle with dark brown sugar and a good pour of RUM JUNGLE and allow to caramelise. Wrap the bananas in pancakes and drizzle with the caramel sauce. To serve top with an extra slosh of RUM JUNGLE and enjoy with ice cream.



Rum Jungle with Cornish Gouda and Peters Yards crisp breads. Available from www.newlyncheese.co.uk

Looking Stormy

Looking Stormy

Serve over ice with fiery ginger beer, a splash of Angostura’s bitter and lime for the perfect Stormy Jungle.

Rum Jungle

RUM JUNGLE is a stunning motor yacht chartered in the UK and Europe. Operated for nearly 15 years, clients have included royalty and rakes, bon vivants and bounders, models and moguls.
Throughout, great food, service and drinks have been a central part now complemented by our own RUM JUNGLE. See www.rumjungle.co.uk

Steamy Jungle

Steamy Jungle

For a party:-

Make up a brew and keep it at close to boiling:-

250g of white cane sugar

4 table-spoons of honey

Handful of cloves

10 slices of fresh root ginger

2 x bouquet of mulling spices

2 – cinnamon sticks

6 pints boiling water


For each drink, using a heatproof tumbler:-

Take three measures (shot glass) of the brew

add half a measure of Stones Ginger Wine and

a full measure of Rum Jungle.

Top off with a squeeze of orange juice and a slice of orange with two cloves punctured into the rind.


Makes about 30 glasses.


To make a single glass:-

Invite a few friends and make a scaled down version as per the above