143 Years of Heritage

A bullock cart carrying provisions, including rum barrels, to construction gangs becomes bogged in dark and stormy jungle near the East Finniss River, 40 miles south of Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. The bullockies had a week long rum party waiting to be rescued, naming the area Rum Jungle.

11th August 1949
Uranium discovered at Rum Jungle by Jack White and his aboriginal partner. Australia pays him £25,000 reward. From 1954 to 1963 the mine was a major supplier of uranium to the US Cold War effort, eventually closing in 1971.

Alan Moorhead, renowned war correspondent, publishes the iconic book Rum Jungle on Australia’s vast interior.

April 1967
A young Hugh Agnew travelled to Rum Jungle seeking work following spells surveying in Port Hedland, mining at Mount Goldsworthy and driving a ferry in Darwin. The wet season had run late, there were no jobs so he hitch-hiked on to Mt Isa in northern Queensland.

September 2000
75’ motor yacht is renamed Rum Jungle and starts its 12 year odyssey to become one of the best known charter yachts in the UK and western Europe. With a formidable reputation for service and for fun, Rum Jungle has played host to countless bon vivants, bounders, aristocrats, royalty, athletes, beautiful ladies and some perfect gentlemen. Throughout libations have included more than just a hint of rum, often accompanied by Cuba’s finest cigars.

1st July 2013
The Original RUM JUNGLE is launched to wide acclaim.